Unless there is an unpleasant stain or mess on the carpet, most of us don’t even think about calling a professional carpet cleaner.  Most people will get it vacuumed every week, assuming the carpet is clean. Unfortunately, commercial carpet cleaning is not that simple!

An office carpet has to withstand heavy footfall, and therefore it takes the maximum beating. Moreover, over time the dirt, dust, and other pollutants get trapped in the carpet, ruining the delicate fibres.  Besides, such an unhygienic carpet is bad for the business’s reputation!

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional office carpet cleaner and get all the carpets in your office cleaned.

1. Extends the Life of your Carpet

Under the soft and luxurious fabric on your couch, thrive an entire ecosystem of harmful bacteria, dust, dirt, dead skin, mould and other pollutants. These microscopic contaminants get deeper in the intricate fabric, turning the carpet into a breeding ground for diseases.  Moreover, these pollutants trapped in the carpet makes it look old and dull along with shortening its lifespan.  The professional cleaners use the latest equipment and various non-toxic cleaning material to pull out all the dirt, pollutants and stains from the carpet without ruining the softness and shine of the carpet.

2. Deep Treatment for Pristine Carpets

The professionals carry out deep cleaning treatment using various methods like hot water extraction and steam cleaning. These treatments can quickly eradicate the grime, gunk and soil that is embedded in the carpet, restoring the carpets to a clean, sanitised and germ-free state that can handle the wear and tear.

3. Clean Carpets For Better Health

Another critical reason to get the office carpets clean by professionals is to improve the overall health of your employees. The dangerous germs, bacteria, salts, and other nasty pollutants get embedded over time, affecting the surrounding air quality. This eventually aggravates incidences of allergic reaction and other respiratory disorders. Deep cleaning removes all these contaminants, further improving the air quality of your office.

A clean carpet at work-place means a comfortable, healthy and inviting environment. You can call us on 1300 629 442 to get more details about office carpet cleaning.